A question about Zantac


How many here take it on a daily basis and have you stopped? I have a prescription for it, take it twice a day, for my acid reflux. I used to take Omeprozole for years until my doctor suggested I switch to Zantac. I have had only a couple episodes of reflux since I've been on it. Really works for me.

I talked to my doctor about it at my last appt. and he said he believed it be a lot of hype and not to worry. But then I heard the warnings on TV last night and had read some articles before that. So I didn't take my dose last night or this morning. I called my doc. office and the nurse talked to my doc. who said if I was really worried about the Zantac I can take Pepcid OTC instead. She also said they had one other patient call them about it. By 4pm. this afternoon I was feeling like I really needed a med. Didn't get the Pepcid so took a Zantac. Felt much better.

Does Pepcid really compare to Zantac? Anyone take it?

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If you have prescription Zantac, talk to your pharmacist about it - they can tell you whether your Zantac is included in the recall or not. Often the drug in question is only limited to a certain manufacturer and major pharmacies stay on top of these issues.

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Omeprozole was prescribed by gastroenterologist for my mother (she was having esophageal spasms caused by acid reflux) and her primary care cancelled it and prescribed Pepcid AC. Pepcid is famotidine, not ranitidine like Zantac. I don't know if the two are interchangeable but the generic Pepcid has worked for my Mom.

I don't know anyone who takes it daily other than her though, or who takes it and speaks of it anyway. I have seen it used in out patient surgery for patients who can be queasy with anesthetic. A pepcid before their procedure to quell any tummy upsets that might increase the duration of their stay before being released.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I was taking zantac, a generic. According to everything I have read all versions of the drug are affected including the brand name version and all geneeics. I have stopped taking it and now take generic Pepcid, famotidine 20 mg. twice a day. I have taken the proton pump inhibitors like prilosec and Prevacid. I will not take any of those, my gastroenterologist was adamant about that.

Consult your physician for the best treatment for you.

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I have taken omeprazole and was taken off of it because tests showed kidney damage. Then I tried Ranitidine, Now famotidine 40 mg twice a day. I do not think my reflux is any better with famotidine. All of these meds for reflux seem at least for me to work a while then gradually decrease in effectiveness.

You need to talk to your doctor unless you already have about what long term acid reflux with do. In some people it cause something called Barrett's esophagus which some doctors consider either a cancer or a precursor to cancer. Sometimes when something works the old "dam'd if you do dam'd if you don't" comes into play.

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I saw the name of the ingredient on the network news this week, and checked the ingredient in the generic I buy from Costco. It was ranitidine, so I tossed them and am using another OTC that DHs doctor recommended as a replacement for him.

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