MalwareBytes for Macs.....


Is Malwarebytes safe to download for Macs? I was under the impression that Macs didn't get malware or viruses. I don't like to download stuff but I apparently got a malware. Want to keep my puter safe! TIA!

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I'm honestly amazed that you haven't gone to the Malware Bytes website.

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OS X can most definitely get viruses and malware, it’s just far less common because of the design of the operating system and it’s less popular than Windows. Typically virus and malware writers want to target as many computers as possible, so they go for Windows.

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By all means install it. I'm a Mac user and when I got my first Mac, that's the first thing Apple recommend I do even though Mac's are less prone to virus and malware better safe then have a problem later.

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