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Handy-Dandy Computer Hint

15 years ago

My old computer had been running very slow - 25 minutes from switch-on to opening emails was the final straw. So it was either pay for a new computer and a new window (LOL!) or break down and get a new computer ! So I bought a new computer over the weekend.

I took my old CPU to the dealer so they could transfer my old files to the new CPU. The technician told me that the dust inside the CPU was a "contributing factor" to the computer running slow. He opened it up to show me the dust and dirt inside and I was absolutely mortified. OMG - it was brown with dirt and full of dog hairs.

He said that they can do a clean-up once every 6 - 8 months for $80.00 - or I could buy a can of compressed air for $10, take off the side, and do it myself!

So if your computer is running slow, try dusting it out every once in a while. Don't blow on it yourself as moisture from your breath will get in and that might not be a good thing. Get some compressed air and give it a few puffs.

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