Worried about 3 year old


My son is 3.3, I’m looking for feedback. All milestones were met on time except crawling and walking were late (11 months and 16 months). He spoke his first words a little before his first birthday. He points and I feel like he makes decent eye contact (although I’ve never been around toddlers much). He says hi to everyone and seems very social. He points, and we’ve never had much trouble figuring out what he wants through words or gestures. But he just started preschool and had a speech screening. They are concerned because he still uses 3 word sentences and phrases. She also mentioned though didn’t mark him down for still using parallel play. He engages us often, I I have seen him engage kids his age. My understanding is parallel play is still normal and they are just around now incorporating friends? His conversation skills I guess are poor, he can’t tell you about his day yet but at times tries, for example he ran out of the classroom one day and said “I paint!“ But I still have to tell him to say things sometimes. He doesn’t seem to have sensory issues though doesnt like the sun in his eyes (doesn’t freak out or anything but really covers his face). He lines up his cars a lot but also plays with other stuff normally. And he isn’t anal retentive about lining them up. His imagination is there but not “going crazy” yet bit I guess that makes sense if he can’t tell stories or anything yet. But like he makes pretend food, pretends he’s a dinosaur, stuff like that. He jumps up and down and hand flaps for a few seconds when excited. Any thoughts? Some other things that I wondered about, he calls men daddy and women mommy. The SLP said he does a of labeling too. He walks on his toes. He can count to around 10 and is learning letters. Responds to his name well I’d say.

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Personally I'd want to have him checked out. If there is an issue it's better to start working on it earlier rather than later. My DD crawled at 5 months and walked at 9 months and by 3.3 was talking in sentences. I know all kids develop differently and that DD was a little ahead of the curve, but I would expect most children to be fairly verbal by 3 and also not walking on their toes.

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