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What I worried about needlessly and should have worried about mor

11 years ago

I guess in any big project you cannot hope to get everything absolutely right. I think we did well. But there are some things I wish I had worried about or looked into and some other things that I worried about a whole lot that have turned out great.

I worried a lot about how the hood would look and whether it would do the job. Looks great, works, great, but is much louder than I expected.

Worried a lot about the Blue Star, reliability, having a gas oven, all kinds of things. I love it.

Did not worry about the sink and now, though I like it, a little disappointed that it does not drain well (Shaw's). And should have gotten the 36 instead of the 30. Why did I not see this?

Worried about whether the speed oven would be complicated to learn and difficult to program installed below the counter. No, and no. I like it.

Worried about whether marble would stain. It hasn't. Love the marble. I should have worried more about the reputation of the fabricator.

Worried about countless other things, mostly aesthetic stuff, and have happily forgotten these worries and packed away the myriad samples, as just about all the design things turned out well.

So, this is a kind of lessons learned. What did you worry about and did it come out OK? And, what should you have worried more about?

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