Building a large walk-in closet for wife, need advice on dimensions

last year

Hi folks, we have a sitting area attached the bedroom which I’d like to convert to an enormous walk in closet for wife (option 1), or a slightly less than enormous walk in closet PLUS sitting area (option 2).

With option 1, I would have a total of 23’ long x 11’3” wide space with existing double entry doors already hung. The idea would be to hang closet shelving all through the 3 inside walls, and potentially an island. Shelving would be DIY via easyclosets- I’ve got good experience working with them on our previous house. Island would be hired or DIY, TBD.

Wife has stated that she doesn’t need ALL that space, which brings us to option 2, a small sitting area leading to the (moved from their current location) double doors leading to the walk in closet. Question is, how much area do I create for the new sitting area and how much for the walk-in closet? The sitting area would have either two large chairs and a round table or some sort of couch. Maybe a TV, maybe not, not a must. The walk-in closet would be same design as option 1, albeit smaller- but I still do want an island for her. And/or some area to sit.

Floor plan attached. Not sure why the software didn’t make both walls 23’, but the space is 23’ x 11’3”.


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