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Using Arcylic Paint instead of tiles?

I live in the Middle East, the traditional way here when doing kitchen walls is to fill it with tiles from ground to roof (even above the counters).
I think that paint will look better with the kind of kitchen I am designing (simple scandinavian), but concerned that paint will catch dirt fast, and may allow humidity to the brick wall behind it.
I went to a paint store and they adviced me to use an emulsion-based coating (they called it "roofguard"), and then paint above it with exterior arcylic-based painting.
The kitchen is L-shaped, with one wall having the sink and above it directly a very large horizontal window.. Tile Backsplash will look bad here as there is no high counters to put border above it.
How feasible is this paint solution? Couldn't the two different types of paint react with each other with bad results?

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