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need help on tv placement in living room

We recently moved into this traditional home. This is the room we watch TV in (3 kids, 2 adults). I don’t love the tv above the fireplace since I feel like it creates strain on the neck because it’s too close to the sofa. Also, the sofa is the only comfortable place to actually see the tv. The chairs are too far to the side to really have comfortable tv viewing. My first thought was to move it down, onto a tv console to the left of the fireplace, sort of between the two windows. Possibly purchasing a sectional to create another spot for tv viewing in what would be the corner directly across from the tv. But then I thought maybe we could convert the shelves, on the right wall from the fireplace, into a tv cabinet. I feel like this might be better for the flow of traffic from the dining room, which is on the other side of the French doors. Because if we go with the option of tv on the left of fireplace, plus a sectional, it would somewhat block the traffic pattern. (Also, we are using the previous formal LR as the dining room because the actual finding room was small for our furniture and we are using for an office for now until we remodel the kitchen down the line)

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