Living room suggestions - TV placement, couch/chair style/layout?

3 years ago

We will be moving into a new house at the end of next month, and are trying to start planning some things out. Obviously it's hard not being in the house already, but wanted to get some opinions on the placement of the TV in the living/family room and the type of couches/chairs that would work best.

Two photos from the listing are provided which should help give an idea of the room layout. The current owners have the TV on a small entertainment center in the corner of the room, but I was wondering if it might be better mounted to the stone wall above the fireplace? Would probably want to either lower the mantle or remove it completely as the TV would be too high above that.

Regarding couches/chairs, should I go with the type in the pictures below - a large sectional, or do two separate couches? Style/color advice?? I prefer grays, but would that look off in the room given the floors/walls? Should I consider painting the walls in just that room, even though the tan wall connects to the kitchen? I'd plan to reduce the browns as much as possible in the room - obviously all of the current furniture/decorations will be gone. Also, I have the rugs pictured below after the two room photos that I'd like to re-purpose if possible - any hope for one in this room given other recommendations you might have on walls/couch/etc. (both are 5x8, and I don't feel the first has as much tan in it as pictured)?


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