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Hardwood: contionous or different in open space vs rooms?

3 years ago

We have a dilemma on whether we should be installing the same hardwood over the entire floors contentiously - open space and office - or to install different in the open space and in the office. Similar for the 2nf floor, for the bonus room with hallways versus bedrooms. Initially we thought that it would be good to have same nice and wide plank medium-light hardwood in the all open areas on both floors so the stairs will transit to hardwood in the same way; also everyone wants a much lighter hardwood in the bedrooms than in the open areas, and noone cares about wide planks in the bedrooms. But then we were told that many people like to have the same hardwood everywhere. So we can do another option: put a nice wide plank everywhere on the 1st floor including the office, and narrow planks very light hardwood everywhere on the 2nd floor. What do people think? What was your reasoning to have continuous or to have different wood? Do you love your choice several years after? Thanks!

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