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Iced Coffee.................

3 years ago

YUM! When I was a kid, the thought of drinking iced tea made me gag. Then a friend made me a glass of instant Nestea Iced Tea and I became an "instant" Iced Tea junkie. Then years and years later, Lipton made an iced tea with real tea and bam! No more instant, only Liptons real tea. Then the thought of drinking iced coffee was like, WHAT??!!??!! Who does that??? Then I tried one. OMG! Where was this my whole life??? So I started buying them at Tim Hortons (their hot coffee is terrible, but iced coffee is good) and McDonalds. Then I started eating the Keto way and my iced coffee was no more, unless I could be sure either restaurant used sugar free syrup. BUT: I finally learned how to make my own! No, you don't use coffee that was brewed in your coffee maker. I use fresh beans that I grind (1 cup full) to 4 cups cold filtered water (I use a Brita water filter system). Just pour the water over the course coffee beans stir gently to make sure they're all wet and sit in the fridge for 12 - 24 hours. Then strain the coffee through a filter (I have a Melitta pour over pot that I used). To make it Keto friendly, I put ice in a glass, then the coffee. Add 1T heavy whipping cream and 1 cap full of Skinny Syrup Mocha flavoured and it's honestly better than store bought! I only seem to drink it in the summertime and guess what? IT'S SUMMERTIME! lol

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