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Iced Coffee (why do we need 15 characters?)

4 years ago

I LOVE iced coffee. A few years ago if anyone had told me I would like it, I would have told them where to go. Who drinks cold coffee and likes it???? Then I drank one. Instant addiction during the summer. I actually prefer it over iced tea (or Sweet Tea, I only like it sweetened). I used to make it with cold coffee that I brewed and chilled. Well, no longer! This is how I make it now:

For each 1 cup of cold filtered water, I coarsely grind 1 oz of coffee beans. Right now I'm using Starbucks Harvest Blend. Yesterday it ended up being 5 cups filtered cold water to 5 oz course ground beans. I put the water in a 1500 ml wide mouth jar that I bought at a dollar store. Topped it with the ground coffee beans, then gently stirred to makes sure all the coffee was wet. Then I put the lid on the jar and put it in the fridge for 24 hours.

Today, I lined a mesh strainer with a paper coffee filter (you can use layers of cheesecloth, but have to filter it more than once when you do it that way) and slowly poured the coffee into a clean measuring cup. I did not stir the beans or try to 'force' the water through the beans. It took quite a while. The trick is to let it do its own thing even if it's going really slllooooow. Put the grounds in your composter (if you have one) and store the cold coffee in a glass jar in the fridge. It'll keep for 2 weeks and the taste will not change, the way hot brew coffee does.

For 1 cup of iced coffee:

1/2 cup cold brew

1/2 cup filtered water

splash of milk

1 cap full of sweetener (Toriani any flavour you like) - I used Skinny brand SF Mocha

about a cup full of ice cubes.

Stir and enjoy! It's so much better with the cold brew coffee than it is with hot brew that is cooled off in the fridge. And in the long run, so much cheaper than the coffee shops charge. :)

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