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Anyone know name of this bird? Lots of photos.

4 years ago

As you can see by the photos, it decided to build a nest by our back door. We didn't notice it till a week or so ago. We haven't been outside on the deck much in May/June because of the weather, first cold rain then heat wave in the upper 90's.

Don't know if one of the photos shows half grown birds in the nest or the parents. Two kept flying back and forth between the lemon tree and the nest with food till the weekend. Now the nest is empty for the last 2 days and no more birds hanging around. Never did see any eggs or really tiny baby birds.

DH took it down today and cleaned up the area. Bird poo on the deck table, chairs and bricks. He was not happy that they built a nest there. I made him wait till they were gone. I found it interesting to watch all the activity.

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