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Master bedroom help .. Please help me select bed .. can’t decide !

4 years ago

I recently purchased a new house and just can’t decide on what type of bedroom furniture should I go for. Modern /Contemporary or rustic/traditional.

I do not like cherry brown color. I was looking for a bed with wooden frame and upholstered back and low footboard . I do not have exact measurements but a King with 2 nightstands and dresser would fit perfectly and thats what I am looking for. I am not going to have a TV in my room so should I opt for mirror on dresser ?

It’s for my mater bedroom. I have selected few sets but just not sure if that a good choice. I have been looking online as well as visited some local stores as well. This is my first time on Houzz so if you think some more information would be useful plz let me know. I am attacking few pics of kinda what I saw and what I like as well.

Any suggestions are most welcome.. Please help.

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