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Please help me redecorate my master bedroom!

13 years ago

I posted earlier about refinishing some of my bedroom furniture. Since then, I have learned how to post pics!

Here is my bedroom. The bed is new and so are the 2 nightstands, which are in a satin black finish. The desk/vanity is nearly 30 years old bought during my teen years. There is a matching triple dresser w/hutch type mirror that I don't have a pic of on the only wall not seen in these pics. The door to the dressing area and bathroom are also on the dresser wall. Both dresser and vanity are in excellent shape and are Broyhill with very hard, durable finish.

The towers w/TV between works well for the TV and both open display and hidden storage. I had the purple countertop added between the 2 individual pieces to marry the towers into a unit of sorts and I made the black curtain to conceal the cords between the units.

I am tired of my mismatched wood pieces. I definitely want to update to a cohesive room with black pieces. The bed, end tables, lamps,and black wall shelving are new and must stay. I need a vanity of some kind to do my hair and makeup. I need folded clothing storage and somewhere for the TV.

I have considered painting the wood pieces, but am afraid the finish won't be durable and hate ruining perfectly good pieces. Alternately, I am open to new solutions. I have even considered hanging a plasma tv over where current tv is and using the purple counter as vanity. I could also add an entertainment unit w/storage for clothing where 2 towers are, ditch the vanity (which is crowded in its current location) and put a new vanity where dresser currently is, ditching dresser too.

I want to go the most economical route and that makes the most sense and is most functional. Please help with ideas!

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