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Emily Bronte - A unique rose worth looking out for

Magnus - England
4 years ago

David Austin's 2018 introduction "Emily Bronte" first planted in my garden for my mum in autumn 2018. I have only good things to say about this rose (so far) I think this is a rose well worth growing and one of the best DA introductions these last few years. I can't wait for it to get even better with age.

The blooms are large, flat and very beautiful. They also last several days in a vase which is always a bonus. Older flowers will fade slightly and you end up with a bloom with a soft apricot core and very light pink outer area. It almost reminds me of love hearts sweets from back in school.

The fragrance is strong and intoxicating. The tea note is strongest but I get hints of old rose too, it's quite unique to me at least. Grapefruit/lemon notes also get stronger as the flower ages adding a nice twist...and now i'm starting to get hungry while typing this...ahem

Foliage is nice too, a shiny light green when the leaves are new and look even better in the sun. The growth habit is pleasant with a nice balanced growth, not over vigorous. The plant itself is therefore small now but I expect it will get a lot bigger in it's second year and beyond as it's final height is rather large (4.5ft by 4ft).

I think this rose will potentially pair well with Eustacia Vye but I haven't got it yet to compare, we shall see!

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