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Deciding on which Wolf ovens for kitchen renovation

5 years ago

We are picking out appliances for our renovation. I am stuck on ovens. We are going with Wolf and are planning on a 36 inch dual fuel range. I was thinking of a 30 inch single wall oven and microwave but am very interested in the combi steam oven. It seems like three ovens might be overkill so if I can eliminate the single wall oven, I would like to do so.

If I go with the 30 inch CSO, these are my questions.

--I like to bake and do so a lot. I am excited to try bread in the CSO if I buy it but how many loaves can you do at once? And how do cookies come out? Is it big enough for cranking out cookies? On paper it seems like it...

--I regularly use two ovens when cooking for my family of four and think the steam and range oven will be fine for that. We entertain groups (8 to 16) at least one to two times a month. If I need two ovens, will the steam oven be enough? Usually one oven is for smaller dishes while the larger oven holds the main course.

--I am going from two ancient electric 24 inch wall ovens that have served me well. I like to cook and adapt new techniques in the kitchen along with my tried and true strategies. I know you all don't know me but based on your own experiences, any thoughts on how I will be able to transition to steam/convection?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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