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Reupholster this chair and ottoman I love, or no?

4 years ago

I **love** this chair and ottoman, but the upholstery is worn and needs to be replaced. I've seen similar chairs online for a few hundred dollars, but none that have the wood trim along the arms. I believe these chairs are from the 60's based on how they're made, but there are no tags at all. I get the feeling that the fabric is original.

So, based only on my photos, my local upholstery shop gave me an estimate as follows:


Labor: $550-$650 plus material

You will need 5-7 yards

Plus new foam, if needed, would be $65-$75


Labor: $250-$350 plus material

You will need approx. 1½-2½

Plus new foam, if needed, would be $25-$35

I'm figuring worst case scenario for both pieces would be around $1300. I really could get something similar (but less special) for maybe $500. (There are some less than $200 but I suspect the quality isn't great).

So now the big questions: Are these pieces going to be worth $1300 after they're reupholstered, or am I wasting money just because they're comfortable and I like the look? Are these pieces as "special" as I think they are? I'd love to know the designer or company if anyone happens to know.

Thank you.

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