The Ride for Dad Luncheon yesterday


I was invited to the annual Ride for Dad kick-off luncheon this year. I was beyond touched and awed at the invitation. It's held at one of the sponsor's bar where they made ribs, cornbread, smoked chicken, pulled pork, slaw and potato salad as their contribution to the Ride. (That's the food mentioned so I can post in this forum :-))

The cheque was presented from last year's ride to the local hospital. All of the money raised goes towards prostate cancer research and treatment. It's so gratefully accepted and strides are made all the time to help beat this disease.

Then one of the guys took the mike and expressed how they lost a valued member who he had the privilege of taking on his bike last year. He considered Tom a friend, and they both had such a good time on the Ride. He got very emotional and cried, as did I of course, and there were a lot of wet eyes.

And presented me with a plaque in Memoriam. Thank God for waterproof mascara. The Ride takes place on June 1st and I have a rider who is taking me.

I'm past caring about sharing Tom's story on the internet. He was on tv numerous times, so for the first time I'm showing me. We're all friends here, LOL.

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That's awesome, Jasdip. I would have cried, too. Have fun on the upcoming ride! :-)

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Jasdip, I'm sniffling now, and I'm so happy to finally "see" you, somehow you look just like I imagined you would look!

Have fun on that ride, and I know Tom will be there in spirit. I remember how important it was for him, it's a very good cause.

Oh, and the food sounds really good too. (grin) I'll be thinking about you both on June 1, and look forward to hearing all about it.


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Thanks again for sharing this important message. Have a great ride. You are a pretty spokesperson for this event.

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