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Please Help Custom/Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets options Los Angeles

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hi all,

Hoping someone can help me out. I just bought a 1953 ranch house in Los Angeles. It needs a lot of work (new roof, electrical, hvac). And, it really needs new kitchen and baths.

I bake a lot so I'd really like the kitchen to be workable for my needs. In my last place, I put in Ikea kitchen cabs and they were great for the price. However, having lived with them for a few years, I noticed things I don't like about them and don't want for the new place.

I feel stressed that the house needs so much work but grateful I can redo the kitchen for my needs. I am doing either linoleum or cork flooring (I put tile in the old place and it really hurt standing for a long time). I'm leaning towards cork flooring because linoleum/marmoleum seems to be difficult to get by comparison.

For the cabinets, I've gone through a lot of the posts here and read about Scherr's, Semihandmade, Conestoga, Barker,, etc. and looked at their sites to get an idea. Nothing seems to fit everything I'm looking for so I'm wondering if custom is the only way to go.

What I'm looking for:

drawer-based cabs, not shelves

wood or plywood made; not mdf or particleboard

options to choose amount of drawers/drawer height in each cab

an open shelf for microwave

an open shelf for tray dividers for baking

options to have door and drawer fronts either laminate or paint in variety of colors

routed out door in place of handles or pulls

I'm doing all base cabinets-no wall cabs which happily will cut a little bit of the cost just in terms of volume. Looking at about 7-9 base cabinets in total. I am also happy to build, assemble, and install on my own.

Also, if anyone can tell me how their painted cab fronts have held up, that'd be great. I feel like laminate is more durable but I could be wrong. I LOVE Kerf Design and think the laminate fronts would be great in 1950s colors. Before I take that plunge in price, I'm wondering if someone can supply other options, either a local LA cabinet maker or a semi-custom company? I know LA is big (my place is in North Hollywood) but I'm willing to travel around the city/surrounding area.

Many thanks in advance and apologies for the long post!

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