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Semi Custom Cabinet Price

10 years ago

Hello all,

I am sorry if this is a redundant post. I have searched through the other posts and have gotten lots of info, but I wanted to see if there are any owners who have finished their projects or pro's who wouldn't mind commenting.

I am getting a quote for 75 linear feet of semi custom kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles. This is from a custom cabinet builder who builds his own cabinets. All cabinets have 3/4" thick boxes. Doors are full overlay soft closing. Drawers are full extension undermount soft closing. Construction is solid paint grade maple.

Break down:

1) There are 32 drawers

2) 2 pull out pantries

3) 2 wire pool out drawers

4) 7 pull out pot drawers

5) 1 pull out pan rack

6) 1 pull out pot rack

7) 4 wood pull out shelves

8) 3 swing up cabinet doors

9) 1 swing up cabinet door with pull down wire rack.

Total price including painting, delivery, installation, and taxes is $28,000 which works out to be $373 a linear foot.

I have seen estimates in the 180-220 for thermofoil finish and 250-380 for wood cabinets, but I think these were basic cabinets without all the pull out features. Any help for this newbie would be appreciated! Deal or not?

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