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Bermuda lawn Soil test results

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hi, these are my soil-test results from Oct 2017 and it was my first test. The last year I applied 10-10-10 as it was the closest I got. The county suggested that I apply lime once and then follow the recommended fertilizer for the next 2-3 years in a row and then re-test. I was thinking of putting down my first fertilizer app after 3 mow cuts right after scalping my lawn.

My first app was going to be with the remaining 10-10-10 I have with Milorganite. (Probably around Easter time or after that).

Mid May - Vigoro 29-0-4 (Pre emergent 0-0-7 lesco)

Mid June - Vigoro 29-0-4

Mid July - Milorganite (Pre emergent 0-0-7 lesco)

Aug - Vigoro

Sept - Vigoro

Then in a month (Mid May) I was thinking of going with Vigoro 29-0-4 on a monthly basis to get some High Nitrogen for the bermuda lawn. Last year, I probably did only 2 apps of Milorganite with the 10-10-10 . After some reading (Bermuda Bible), it looks like my bermuda didnt get enough nitrogen, so I have decided to go with the above plan.

Is this plan ok to follow for my lawn?

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