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Soil Test Results - Help with soil management plan

7 years ago

Area: ~6000SF lawn

Grass Type: New Construction - Sod Northern Mix ~1year

Mowing/Irrigation: Mow at tallest setting. Have been watering 0.5" (~45min), 2x/week when there has been no rain. Supplement with irrigation during rain events <1".

Moved in to the new construction last year in eastern Iowa, sod looked ok at the time we purchased but by the end of fall the yard was covered with weeds & grass did not fill into many spots. Coming out of winter it seemed that most of the yard was dead or had snow mold. Raked the whole yard to help with airflow and then aerated. One week later, about June 1st, used starter fertilizer & crabgrass preemergent. Memorial day used 2 bags of milorganite. The company that aerated the lawn then came out unexpectedly and fertilized 1 week later @ 2/3lb N. (total ~1.4lb N within a week). Started watering deep & infrequently around mid June as temps were around 95deg.

Currently plan to aerate, compost, and overseed through a soil quality restoration program with the city this Fall.

The area is known to have very hard water which may contribute as to why the soil is alkaline.


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