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Suggestions for shelves and chair for reading nook

3 years ago
First, ignore the look of the room. I just removed the wallpaper. We are putting new floors in and painting the walls. We are also painting the fireplace white/cream colored. It’s a long family room. A TV will go above fireplace. The opposite end of the room with have a sectional. I want to create a reading nook in this area. I originally thought I’d put a narrow ladder shelf to the left of the fireplace but I think it would look too crowded. Now I think I’ll put it on the wall left of the fireplace. I’m debating on floating shelves vs a regular book shelf. Then I’m not sure where a chair would go. The same wall? A smaller cozy swivel perhaps? Or a chair in the corner to the right side of the fireplace? I’m also unsure where to place the antique hutch.

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