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Burners and BTU's on Gas Ranges. What's Best?

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I started another thread about Bertazzoni vs. Fisher & Paykel because I can not decide which gas range is best for me. Though these ranges look similar on the outside they are surprisingly very different, especially the cooktop burners. I started this thread because I'm genuinely confused about which brand has better burner capabilities. At the high-end of btu's they are very similar with Bertazzoni barely edging out Fisher & Paykel in btu power, 19,000 btu's for Bertazzoni vs. 18,000 btu's for Fisher & Paykal. What I am concerned about is all the other differences and I was wondering if there are experts here who can help me make a decision over which cooktop is better between these two brands. The ranges in question are the Bertazzoni MAST366GASXT and the Fisher & Paykel OR36SCG4X1? Both are 36 inch all-gas ranges. Here are the differences:

1) Off the top, I can get an extra burner with the Bertazzoni. The Fisher & Paykel offers only 5 burners.

2) The Bertazzoni has better btu numbers, going from 750 btu's to 19,000 btu's. Fisher & Paykel goes from 1,000 btu's to 18,000 btu's.

3) Only one of Bertazzoni's burners goes down to 750 btu's but the rest of their burners have higher btu's than all of Fisher & Paykel's burners.

What if you want to have a very low simmer on more than one sauce at a time on the Bertazzoni? You're restricted to just one burner. Fisher & Paykel's burners only go down to 1000 btu's but all of their burners go this low. I am not worried about the btu's at the high end but it's the low end I'm worried about. Are Fisher & Paykel's 1000 btu's low enough for a gentle simmer?

Between these two configurations, which would you choose and why?

Thank you.

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