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wet room with free-standing tub

hi all, this is my first post, so not sure how this will work. my girlfriend and I bought a house and are redoing the bathroom. We fell in love with the wet room with a free standing tub look, so that's the direction we are going. I will try to post pictures of the existing layout and also the layout we want to have. there are no walls being blown out (though one is being converted to a half-wall).

my question for you, the DIY'ers and the pros here at houzz that have experience with building, using, and living with a wet room with a free standing tub, is how did you go about waterproofing the area? also how do you like the layout? I've heard a lot of people say everything gets wet, but we are going to have a glass pane separate the shower section from the rest of the bathroom. the floor will be all tile -thats the plan right now- and the wet room walls will be cultured marble- again, that's the plan right now.

I will try to get some sketches uploaded to give you a better idea, and I am open to all honest opinions. please do not comment if you have nothing to offer beyond "these things suck." thank you in advance for any advice you can provide.

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