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Help? Replacing carpet with tile in bedrooms-need to flow w/ old tile

5 years ago
We are replacing the carpet in bedrooms with new tile. We would love to get the entire beach condo re-tiled (live here full-time) but not sure it’s in our budget right now. How do we pick the “right” tile to flow with existing tile? We can see the bedrooms from the common areas, as you can see in the pictures. You can see two bedroom entrances from the foyer/entrance area and another bedroom off the kitchen (behind pocket doors). I am currently leaning towards a “wood plank” looking tile (distressed white washed), but I’m not sure about the color, or anything else for that matter. I also have a few other tiles here at the house that I’m considering. I’m open to any suggestions. I have read that it should be the same color (very difficult) but maybe different sizes? I have also read that it should not look too similar to avoid looking like we ran out of tile. I was also thinking about transition tiles?? HELP? :)

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