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Cryptomeria - Help me save my row of 15 35ft trees!

5 years ago

I desperately want to save my row of 35' tall Cryptomeria in our Atlanta-area backyard. There are 15 of them, each planted on an incline about 8 to 10 ft apart professionally by a landscaper 18 years ago. They were 10' tall when planted. Until we had a bad drought and watering was limited, they were wonderful and green and full. But over the past 8 years, the brown intermixed limbs, which are predominantly within the lower 15 feet, have developed brown sections, and the greenery seem to be overall thinning. To have these all removed would be hugely expensive, and it would negatively impact our now-private backyard. I have installed a drip irrigation zone during the time of drought we we noticed they were super stressed, but I have no idea whether to water or not now that I read this thread! Any suggestions!? Thank you so much for helping!

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