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Save my marriage - help with landscape design!

16 years ago

Looking for a little guidance here. My wife and I have some differing, and narrow, views on landscaping. In order to open our world up a bit, and help our marital unity, I thought I might find some opinions here...

We're landscaped most of the property (from scratch) over the 3.5 years since we bought the house (complete renovation in and out, down to the studs). We love Japanese Maples, and have a dozen or so in the front and back. We're also fond of azaleas, hydrangeas, and rhodes, with those mostly in the back (except some azaleas underneath some maples in the front).

The areas we're looking to do next (and the last!) are shown in the dirt in the following pictures: left and right sides of the driveway, and directly in front of the right side of house, in front of the 1/2 basement windows. I should note that the walkway will be redone in a year or so once funds are more available, and that area will likely shrink to the same size as to the left of the drive. So, plants that will tolerate being slightly relocated in a year would be preferred.

On the left/right sides, we're torn about adding another maple to each side. I think it needs some height. We've also considered some rock/boulder formations there as well, with lavandula or something similar. We thought something that would trail/hang/creep over the concrete walls there would be nice as well, to soften that area.

Near the house, we want something that adds some height to soften the ~13' tall wall of house there. But nothing too dense as to completely block the lower windows (to the 1/2 basement). I was thinking a few camelias, but the wife insists they'll be too dense and eventually too tall. In front of those I was thinking some rhodes, and then azaleas in front of those? Perhaps another japanese maple at the far right corner of the house to soften that edge as well?

The house has a north-west exposure from the front, if that helps.






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