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Dining table for huge open dining space

5 years ago

So this is our kitchen, open style,

and the dining room directly next to the kitchen (in between the kitchen and the livingroom)

this is such a huge space, so we want a large dining table,

and this is gonna be the first thing to see when we enter the home, so we're making an important decision here.

I've been going back and forth so many times..

so which dining table fits the best?

(Crate and Barrel - Big Sur)

I think the color is the best (matches with the cabinets), I like how it looks bulky to fill the huge space, but the design doesn't have much character..

(Crate and barrel - Lakin)

Like the design and color, but not sure about the metal legs.. and it may not fit into the huge space.

(I wouldn't get this chair, but just for the reference)

So which one...? any thoughts?

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