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You're invited and don't forget to bring a gift !

5 years ago

I've heard horror stories of brides wanting expensive gifts when you're invited to their weddings. They're "registered" at all the high end stores ..hint - hint . We have been dealing with this for over a year now with a certain couple. They are my sister in law's son - a kid from her first marriage - that I never even met ! First ,we got a "save the date" card for their wedding. Then we got an email with bunches of pictures and the "story" of how they met . *rolling my eyes* Then we got a bridal shower invite ,with all sorts of suggested gifts. Then we got the wedding invitation. Then we got a picture of the sonogram in the mail announcing "we're pregnant" ! Then we got an invite to a gender reveal party *rolling my eyes again* and it said to bring something pink or blue . Now we got in invitation to a baby shower . Of course they're registered at some specialty baby store . The invitation even said "If you can't decide what to buy - there's always gift cards !" OMG .... this is getting crazy.

What's next ? An invitation to the first diaper change ????? We're registered at the local grocery store ..bring diapers ~~~ LOL Having parties ( and asking for gifts ) for every little occasion is getting out of hand !

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