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Living Room Arrangement and decor

Christine Cook
3 years ago

Help me with any and all advice on furniture placement and arrangement, decor and everything else! Recently moved into an apartment with a long living room and high ceilings. Photos attached display it as it is currently. I want to add some colorful and cozy throw pillows to the couch, get advice on decorating coffee table, tv console, and all other furniture pieces and how to best arrange this space. Something feels off but I can’t quite pinpoint it. I love a cozy and clean feel, with a bit of flair and glam. I need to cut down on the faux fur. I have so many stools that I don’t know what to do with. Also, I am unsure whether I need a dining table or not. Would love to add curtains, and just fine tune this space so that it’s both efficient and perfectly designed. Need any and all suggestions for everything! I included a photo of the floor plan as well for info on space and size. Please... give me your most brutal and honest advice! Thank you all!!

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