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Help! How to best utilize space above sink/toilet in small bathroom?

5 years ago

Hi folks - getting ready to start a remodel on this bathroom. Everything is going except the toilet (it's new). We're going to replace the sink with a small pedestal (no wider than 22"), and then we've told the contractor to plan on a recessed medicine cabinet in that space.

Obviously a mirror or mirrored medicine cabinet is needed above the sink, but what recommendations do you have for the space above the toilet? Is it best to just get one long mirrored recessed cabinet that spans the length of the entire space (4 feet), are there other unique shelving options? Artwork? Etc. We don't need a ton of space, but there really is no storage in this bathroom without a vanity. Any ideas/inspiration are deeply appreciated.

PS - We've added a light in the shower/tub and will have another wafer light when you enter, but have not yet committed to vanity lighting. I love the look of lights on both sides of a mirror but I'm not sure we have the space. If anyone has ideas on this, let me know! Thanks again.

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