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Note to self before taking a picture

5 years ago

Yesterday I posted on the picture thread that the usb that hooks the cable to my camera to my computer fell 'inside' the camera which made my camera useless. I don't take pics with my cell, I prefer my camera. Yesterday's pic was taken with my cell.

I took it to a camera shop and the very nice and honest owner said it would cost more to fix than the camera is worth.....labour taking it apart to re-install the usb, etc.

He then mentioned a card reader would do the trick and showed me how to use it.

It's a little gizmo that hooks to the computer and my memory card from my camera fits in it and the pictures download. Easy-peasy and much cheaper than buying a new camera! $60.

I took 2 pics for the Cooking Forum last nite and then wondered where they were. Ooops, I left the memory card inside the reader in my camera bag.

**always remember to put the card back in the camera** LOL

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