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Facade update ideas wanted for our 50's rendered brick home

Bree W
4 years ago

We have recently completely re-landscaped our front yard from an overgrown mess we inherited when we brought last year, with shrubs covering the windows, and a dirt track for a path, to a neater much more structured yard. Now we are looking at updating our house facade.

Firstly we're planning on painting the house, and wondering what colours people think would work? Originally I was thinking of painting the windows white, so I got our new fly screens in white, however I'm now thinking the dark colour on our guttering and the garage may be better, which we will keep (Dulux Ironstone). Not sure a colour for the rest of the house though...

Also, we are in Victoria and this side is west facing, so while it's lovely on winter afternoons, we need more shade in the summer. At the moment we have been using the roller blinds all summer long, although they are very dated, and I was thinking something more permanent may be better. I have no idea what would work though, being the front of the house, and I haven't found any examples of this kind of update for our style of house. Does anyone have any ideas?

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