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Color advice: Match Oak cabinets to new LVP and carpet.

4 years ago


Coming back after a long break.

I am trying to do a fairly major revamp at a rental. We need to repaint the interior, replace some broken blinds and switch the distressed carpet.

Since we're at it anyway, we are considering changing the main level flooring to LVP (I am familiar with laminate and wood. I did some research and it does look like the new "in", but an expensive option.) The property gets premium rents in an upscale market, near several large employers.

Anyway -- here's my dilemma:

- It's an open floor plan with a great room, with an open peninsula kitchen open to dining and somewhat open to living room.

- Kitchen cabinets are Oak; (sort of tending towards Red Oak look; not quite classic oak with prominent grain). We prefer to keep them same (i.e. no plans to paint them etc.)

- Baseboards near the (existing) carpet are same Oak; prefer to keep them same

- There's a small tiled entry area open to the rest of the great room. I'd ideally like to replace this area with vinyl tile. I'd also like to replace kitchen floor with vinyl tile. Basically same material as the rest of the living area, just a different look. I imagine it should be same price-wise.

- There's one closet door near the entry, visible from great room, that is matched in tone to the rest of the wood in the kitchen, which is Oak look. This is adjacent to tiled entry.

- The new wall color will be ivory white or somewhat similar to that. In other words, not snowy white.

- The carpet will be a little bit darker than the walls: there is a stairway going into the basement and there's another going up to bedrooms, both from main area, therefore carpet and floors will meet, and I'd like this transition to be pleasant to the eye, color-wise. (Carpet will be neutral color as well).

I know that there are a zillion brands/quality grades etc. My primary focus right now is to select colors so that the colors do not conflict. With that goal, my #1 question is, which wood-look flooring will match with my Oak cabinets to create a pleasing combo?

Ideas/inspiration photos welcome!! Thank you in advance.

Looking from Dining to kitchen. (The door on extreme right is a pantry door).

Looking into the kitchen from entry end:

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