Should a bathroom open towards a toilet or a shower?

So in out plan, we have a jack and Jill with separate rooms for sinks + closet entry, and a single shared room for bath + toilet. There's pocket doors leading to the sinks and the vanity room but we can't put pocket doors to lead to the shared space.
Since the doors have to swing into the shared space, should we position them to swing open to the toilet or to the shower? I personally think that having it open to the water closet would be beneficial since it's used more often but there is the argument that the door should always open on the wall (of the water closet).
So what do I do?

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    Virgil Carter Fine Art
    2 years ago

    Can you post a plan?

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    2 years ago

    If you are building? I don't like the sound of the plan. Tooth brushing and grooming needn't have privacy. You can't poop and shower at the same time very well. I would separate the toilet and bathing function, if at all possible. Post the drawing.

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    Patricia Colwell Consulting
    2 years ago

    J&J bathrooms are a PITA since no one remembers to lock the doors and never function how you think they will for instance a shower and a toilet in the same space is useless Post a plan and we might be able to help, but IMO not a good idea as you state.

  • Mrs Pete
    2 years ago
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    J&J bathrooms are a PITA

    Toilets in closets are a PITA too. Although they require more square footage, the resulting space feels small and choppy, and cleaning is more difficult. Usually they're dark too.

    Next time you're out at a store "using the facilities", consider that by putting your toilet in a closet, you're resigning yourself to this "stall experience" in your own home every day.

  • Angela Zuill
    2 years ago

    Our kids have a Jack and Jill between their rooms and so far it has functioned for us really well. They share a space with sinks and there is a separate space with toilet and tub/shower off that.

    Each of their bedrooms has a pocket door to the shared sink/vanity area. We did NOT put locks on these doors since I had read on gardenweb that a common problem was one kid locking both doors and the other couldn’t get in.

    The room that homes the toilet/tub does have a locking door and in swings in. The only problem with that is that if I’m in with the kids while they are having a tub bath (they’re young) the in-swinging door blocks the tub.

    But they’re gonna kick me out shortly anyway, so there’s that...

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    2 years ago

    I wouldn't want either in a new build, but have had both at one time or another in houses that I had not built. It's not a good plan, either way.