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remodel-hand shower or not-cleaning a shower with hard water

4 years ago

I need to decide pretty quickly if we are going to install a hand shower in addition to the regular shower head. We are going with Delta because they have the champagne bronze color we are going to use and they do not have the type of head that also includes a hand shower underneath it. I decided that I like the tear drop look of having the handshower hose start and end in the same place or the one that is on an arm, although Delta told me the ones with an arm aren't detachable, at least the one we were discussing. That would mean a diverter, a diverter valve, and more plumbing, prob adding another $600-$800 for a hand shower. My neighbor says she never uses hers and I told her I mainly wanted it to clean. She said she wouldn't use hard water to clean her shower and takes a dry rag with vinegar and wipes down her walls and then she's done. I was thinking I'd need to rinse the water off first, then scrub, then rinse, then squeegy.

I'm wondering what others do to clean who have hard water and if you like your handheld shower, what else do u use it for... thx!

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