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Which layout design should we go with?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hello All!! We need some advice here. My husband and I are demolishing a house and rebuilding the house from scratch, with the exception of the existing basement egrass window that we will not be moving. We received a couple of drawings from our architect but are having a really tough time deciding which drawings to go with. Any insight or advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

1. Layout # 1 - My DH prefer the entrance to be situated in the middle of the house for symmetry. In order to do that, we have to shift the stairs to the center. However, with the stairs to the center, we won't be able to accommodate the side entrance for the mud room. The house is slightly elevated so the side entrance has to stay towards the middle of the house as shown in layout #2. We prefer open concept layout and this layout delivers just that and appears to be visually larger than layout #2.

2. Layout # 2 - We have a couple of small dogs (Maltese) that we'll be letting out in the backyard. I want the mudroom to clean them off when they're ready to come back into the house. I believe the mudroom will be more functional for us. Not sure if any other pet owners have any recommendations? We currently live in a 700sqft apartment and we're constantly cleaning the floor after the dogs are let back in. However, in my opinion, the layout looks more choppy? We prefer a open space but with the bedroom to the right, I feel like it'll look visually smaller.

I'm leaning towards having the mudroom but we're conflicted because we like how open layout #1 is. The kitchen in layout #2 will be tucked away, even if we move the kitchen to the right side, the dining table will be tucked away. We feel like visually, layout #2 will look smaller in comparison to layout #2. Do you think mudroom is a must have for a family with dogs? Do you think layout #2 will appear smaller? We're having a hard time deciding =[.

Layout # 1

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Layout # 2

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Thank you all very much for your help!!


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