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Thinking about gifts for a 12-year-old boy who wants to cook?

4 years ago

A couple of years ago this kid was hot for cooking and I gave him a really good kids' cookbook that started with making stock. I mean it's a proper how to cook book. His mom uses the pizza recipe from it as superior to the one she previous had. I also gave him a few cute tools. After awhile his interests shifted. Recently, he's become very interested in cooking again.

Now he's a competitive swimmer, as is his older sister who just wants food no matter where it comes from. Both need athletics oriented diets that give them the calories to spend hours in an outdoor pool year round, protein for their muscles, and general good nutrition. They don't need a butter and cheese based diet. :)

I would like to find the boy a good cookbook that's not so much about excellent pizza and tacos, and more about making really good food that will keep these kids in good nutrition and be fun for the boy to cook.

Any suggestions?

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