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Talk about cooking-related gift ideas?

6 years ago

I'm on a roll with buying cooking-related gifts this year... I know that my nieces need casserole dishes and one also needs baking items, so I went with classics there. My sister is a cooking/baking phenom so I decided to try a pyroceram casserole for her... has anyone tried them? I thought she'd love the ability to use them on the stove-top, as well as in the oven. For BF, I *FINALLY* found the perfect size meat rack -- at least I think I did. And I ordered two diff sizes just in case. lol! I love to shop on-line because you can (hopefully) find exactly what you want. I actually ordered a ton of stuff, including things for me, and I'm happy that much of it was made in the US!

My favorite cooking-related gift that I received last year was a good microplane. It's dangerously sharp, and I wish I had more uses for it. Other than citrus and hard cheeses, what do you use your microplane for? I'd lose my fingertips if I tried garlic. lol!

So where are you with cooking-related gifts this year? any great ideas?

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