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I did it! Kitchen Remodel on a budget...

D. Vzq
4 years ago

I posted about a month and a half back some pictures of my outdated kitchen, looking for some input for a remodel on a budget. Although I got some unexpected heat for trying to tackle such a big project on such a small budget, as well as for trying to change the laminate, I took some of the helpful advice as well and decided not to be deterred. I am glad to say I think it worked out pretty good and I am more than excited and happy with the results. Did I end up with a fancy, HGTV kitchen? Not really, but I am cooking more in it, it works beautifully with the flow of the house now, and I think I got some bang for my buck.

I actually came in under my 2k budget, so with the spare funds I'm getting the stools for the kitchen island and maybe some under cabinet lighting.

I obviously had some help, but a lot of the work was from my hands. Patience and determination can definitely pay off. Also, do your research and ask for advice. Just be ready to hear some things you may not want to, consider it all, and then do what you feel is right because in the end you have to live with it, not everyone else.

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