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our humble budget, DIY kitchen remodel progress

4 years ago

This is long over due, as we've had a functional kitchen for some weeks now. I didn't know my original thread "someone please rip apart my kitchen plan" would turn in to a reality! I cannot thank those who helped me enough. There were SO many amazing people who helped me with every post and suggestion and benjesbride and bbtrix basically constructed my kitchen plan and filled in details with the IKEA planner after I had a rough layout and I am forever grateful for all of the help. I haven't posted here much because I found so much information already said and it all helped in some way. I had to take some time off from finishing details as there's been a lot of life happening with end of year, work travel, etc. We had a lot of things going on aside from the kitchen. New roof, A full house generator (our power goes out if you blow on a tree), the makeup air system, and an upgrade that regulates humidity throughout the house. My husband has done extensive electrical and gas work prior and my father in law is a retired engineer and spent his life in gas/electrical work so we were fortunate with that. They are hardest working, sound, humble two men I've ever known. I have wanted a white kitchen for so many years I lost count, and I still love white even more now. Our old kitchen was falling apart. The cabinets were peeling to bare wood (or whatever it was), and the base cabinets were black holes where tupperware lids went to die. We barely had room for a narrow table without smacking in to that bar top on the peninsula.

Things yet to be done are:

replace pantry door (I photo shopped the chalk paint out), paint all trim, quarter round, install toe kicks, install crown (still mulling over options), tile sink wall, trim for microwave drawer, one last drawer in the island (no reason other than laziness I haven't done this yet), pick up the last upper door, finish installing hardware, under cabinet lighting. I'm sure there's more. The sink wall is not tiled yet because I don't know if I should build up trim to the ceiling or not, and if I do, I think the tile should go all the way up around the window? I had originally planned something simple, not to the ceiling, yet I continue to stare at it.

We kept the dishwasher, which sticks out a bit being so white but given my kiss of death with past appliances I was not about to replace anything that works. The microwave drawer side has become one of my favorite things. I had good ideas in my original thread to knock back the wall sticking out to the far right side of the pantry wall and planned to do so, but at the last minute decided to utilize the corner and I'm rather happy with it. Tackling the entire pantry wall to remove the angled pantry was just more than we decided we want to do here since it required structural work in other rooms. The clearance counter to counter between sink and island is 46, fridge to counter is 46, range to counter is 49. I'm glad I read through so many threads about aisle clearance to maximize space where it counts. I no longer cook alone and it's a joy to be in here now and no one bumps in to one another. Hosting teenage pizza and cupcake decorating parties is awesome. And I love the electric trash bumpout thing.

Cabinets - IKEA with Grimslov fronts- I think I May replace a few with glass once I install the laundry cabinets and swap these. Full extending drawers aside from the 18" trash pullout in the island and the other side of the island - 15" deep with doors for cookbooks and all of my ridiculous pastry supplies. Uppers are 40"

Range - DCS 36" all gas

Hood - unbranded 1100 cfm from the appliance store we purchased the range

dishwasher - Bosch, 6 years-ish? still going good as new

Fridge - already had this standard depth Samsung about 4 years- built the cabinet above out and cut a large panel to cover the sides.

Microwave - sharp 30" drawer ( LOVE!!)

quartz - Caesarstone Ocean Foam purchased through IKEA

Flooring - Coretec Plus Gold Coast Acacia

Backsplash - plain old 3x6 white subway from a local tile shop, grout is Delorean Gray

Make up air system - I don't fully understand this, but my husband worked with another engineer friend and his dad. When the hood or other fans go on, it senses air pressure and lets more air in. He had the most fun with this part. That's all my brain can comprehend but it sure is nice not smelling stir fry or bacon three days later! We also had some upgrade to have a constant even humidity throughout the home.

And sappy tangent - but this was truly a labor of love. My kids were amazing. My 14 year sold busted his rear. Demo took 3 solid days of sore feet and blistered hands. He helped every second and motivated me when I was whining. Not to mention the ten zillion staples to be pulled out from the old nasty flooring. He assembled cabinets with me throughout the course of a week prior, after school. He helped throughout the entire process through install, and he and I layed every bit of flooring which was rather fun and now my thighs thank me LOL. My husband helped with tricky cuts and things. I have long hated this house for no good reason. I finally decided to get over myself, love it and put some effort instead of wishing to move for which we have no good reason. We have enough space, nice quiet neighbors, and lots of good memories. Maybe not our forever home, but this was done with a humble budget and I'm comfortable with what we spent knowing we may leave it some day. Eh but who knows, right? Kind of tough to think of doing all of this again, especially with the comfort of living upgrades that are not visible from inside. My 12 year old daughter helped clear out the old kitchen and clean up throughout the entire process. I'm thankful they were able to see what some very hard work can do, and that even when you're 12 and 14 hard work and help is appreciated and pays off. They have a huge sense of pride here knowing how much they contributed. Cooking and bread/pastry work has always been my hobby and I wanted a space I love being in with enough room to spread out while cooking and prepping multiple things at once. Now I can sprawl out with all of my ridiculous bread ferments.

If you read all of that thank you, and here are a few pics to start. I need to get everything done and organized, and take more photos. I’m not good with my new camera and I do not see photography in my future. Sorry this got long winded.

Kitchen before:

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