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Bird photography?

5 years ago

Am interested in other's choices for bird photography, both static (birds on limb, feeder, etc.) and flying, in motion, on nest, etc.? Preferred camera? Lens or lenses preferred? Other subjects for consideration: Do you put up feeders to draw birds to your yard for more picture opportunities? Carry a camera (even a little pocket p&s) everywhere you go just on the off chance there is a good opportunity for another image?

Just anything or everything about your bird photography that you care to share in the interest of getting a thread on the subject going... Show an image or two if you like. No photo guru here but still like to converse about the subject and thought others might like to do the same.

Me: Although I tend to do it more nowadays in starts and stops, I usually shoot with a Canon 5DIII or Canon 7D and Canon 100-400mm Mark II lens. I have a couple of aftermarket lenses that are longer but just not as satisfied with the quality of images out of them. Shoot on tripod with gimble head if shooting on my patio but otherwise, it's pretty much handheld once I leave the house.

What say you?

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