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Should I be concerned with my bathroom tile installation? Help!

5 years ago

I'm having my master bath remodeled with a tile shower and matching wainscoting. The shower walls were installed and I noticed a large gap with the finished wall; then the wainscoting was started but it isn't flush with the shower wall. My contractor is telling me its normal and there is nothing they can do as the wall isn't plumb (now they tell me after the shower tile is laid and the wainscoting started!). They're planning to stuff the gap with small cuts of tile and leave the uneven 'step' between the shower wall and wainscoting. The gap is about the depth of a single tile towards the floor but grows very large at the ceiling. At the top of the wainscoting, the step will be fairly pronounced (more than the depth of a single tile).

I spent hours searching the internet trying to find a photo of a finished bathroom where the wainscoting wasn't flush but I couldn't find any examples. Granted, its still a work in progress but I don't think it will look good. Are there really no good options to build out the wainscoting so that it's flush with the shower? Is this common? Am I crazy? Any comments would be appreciated.

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