36" Thor vs NXR-PRO 36" or other???? $3k budget

3 years ago

i wish my budget was more, but its not. I'm maxed at $3k for a 36" stove. My choices seem to be between a Thor and an NXR Pro. Costco carries the NXR but not currently. I emailed a place that sells NXR thats 2 hours south of me and their reply was:

We’ve sold over 1000 NXR’s but are now focussed on the Thor, which is made at the same factory but a better value with improved design, lower price and better warranty.

We do have a showroom (out of box) special we can offer for $2000.00 + tax if picked up here. It is a 36” 6-burner model. It is new and covered under warranty, but the prior series without illuminated knobs.

I would prefer non illuminated knobs so thats fine with me. Reviews on costco seem great for NXR but everywhere else seems to hover in that 3 star area that thor seems to be in.

Pros of the NXR - hopefully be able to get through costco not not sure how long i'd have to wait for them to restock. i like that all the burners are the same temp and have the ultra low.

the salesman reply to that was: "The NXR burners are a good German-made burner, but on low and simmer, it is the inner flame only that comes on, so there is no means of getting a large low simmer.

The varied burners on the Thor are more useful and you would appreciate the large power. "

any input?

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