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wolf 48” in blower or remote blower hood vent

5 years ago

We Are finalizing our wolf order and need to get A vent system.

The kitchen is along the back of the house so we can vent directly to the outside.

We were going to place the hood in a cabinet rather than have the chimney hanging as in the picture.

We have to choose between the in blower for the remote blower unit

The remote blower comes 1200 or 1500 CFM.

The 48 inch range top we are ordering is the unit with the charbroiler.

We are in the California area so the temperature extremes are not as bad however we were also planning on ordering the air exchange module.

From reading previous discussions on this forum it looks like there is a muffler we should also buy but not from our appliance dealer To help with noise.

We would love your feedback/suggestions.

Please note the drawing is still in its early stages of the cabinetry is not finalized.

Thank you!

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