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Remote Range Hood Blowers: hood brand or generic?

Owen Witesman
2 years ago

I've done a bunch of reading on the forum, and I feel like I continue to have ah-ha moments, but I can also sense big gaps in my understanding as well. Thanks to @kaseki for such generosity in sharing with the community.

Here's my setup: 48 inch Bluestar rangetop with 12-inch griddle (already delivered). Looking at pairing with a 54-inch range hood, probably also from Bluestar and probably 24 inch deep. There will be cabinets immediately to either side. I know deeper capture would be better, but I feel like 24 inch is probably a good middle ground solution for our kitchen.

Based on this setup, I believe I need at least a 1200CFM blower and a little more wouldn't hurt, like 1300-1500. I'm working on MUA, but given how leaky the house is (built 1905), I believe I only need 800CFM, but I may just go ahead and match the exhaust blower CFM so I know where the air is coming from. This will probably be tied into our HVAC, but maybe it will be independent. MUA will be triggered by a universal pressure sensor in the exhaust duct. (Or can the direct-wired Broan dampers be wired to any hood???) On the exhaust side, I know I will want a Fantech duct silencer. But none of this is really the question.

My question is this: is there any need/point to buying my exhaust blower from Bluestar (or whoever I get my hood from)? Or, should I just buy e.g. a Fantech inline blower (10 inch for 10 inch ducts?) since I'll be using their silencer as well? Who manufactures the blowers for all these appliance makers, anyway?

And, if the more generic solution is the way to go to avoid paying luxury brand-name markups, who makes the best fans (inline and external)? Is it Fantech or someone else? In looking at Fantech, I also noticed that their CFM ratings seemed not to line up with what the appliance manufacturers are selling. Are they being more honest or testing differently? Is a Fantech FKD10XL (1266CFM) going to be similar to a 1200CFM blower delivered by an appliance brand or something else? I ask because I'm not seeing them selling higher CFM blowers for 10 in ducts. I feel like I'm missing something!

Finally, last question, if I go inline vs external, which seems to be cheaper but with similar noise isolation features vs in-hood, are there other things I need to be buying besides the silencer and maybe some automotive sound dampening material? Like a certain roof cap or special straps or something? Or other parts? Basically, I want to have all my fancy components ready to go so my GC only has to have someone connect it all with smooth ductwork. Unfortunately, past experience has left me with zero confidence in any trades getting technical details right without me holding their hand.

Any suggestions (and critiques) would be greatly appreciated!

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