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Wolf Range hood and Broan / Best exterior blower combo

8 years ago

I have a wolf pro range hood pw482718, and I am looking to get an external blower. It seems like the wolf model 801642 1200 cfm remote blower, the Broan 335 remote blower, and the best EB12 seem almost like spitting images of each other. Does anybody have any experience hooking these two up (subzero and broan)? If so, were there are any modifications needed?

From what I have read elsewhere they should work, but its possible that I would need to either rewire the speed controller inside the hood fan, or switch it out entirely with the broan speed controller in its hood fans (SV03501). According to the Best FAQ on its blower"The speed on the EB12 can be made variable with a solid state speed control. Our switch model number is the 72W. Otherwise the Best hood controls would operate this blower."

I am in Canada so the wolf is about $1000 USD from my dealer, whereas I can get the broan 335 online for half the price. I guess I am looking for a definitive answer so I can make my decision.


For reference:

Wolf blower install

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Broan/ Best install / parts list

Best hood fan wiring schematic showing how the speed controller hooks to the exterior blower:

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