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Will a 1200 CFM blower be just as effective in 63" hood vs a 48" hood?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Hi GW! Was planning to do a 48" hood with 1200 cfm but now the hood is increasing to 63" (for 24" gas rangetop plus 30" induction). I am doing a custom Prizer wall incline hood and we will still be getting a 1200 cfm in-hood blower, which I think is enough for our uses b/c we probably will not be using all burners on the gas and induction at the same time. Prizer offers a 1400 cfm remote blower, but not really practical for us. So we really want to stay with the 1200 cfm -- but will the 1200 cfm be effective in such a large hood (63")? Or does the sheer fact that the hood is large (regardless of cooking arrangement below) require a higher cfm??

Thanks in advance for your input!!

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